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SPENO RAIL MAINTENANCE AUSTRALIA offers a number of solutions designed to provide maximum benefit to our clients. SRMA specializes in:

  • Mainline Rail Grinding
  • Switch Grinding
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Testing
  • High Speed Ultrasonic Testing
  • Laser Based Rail Measurement Systems
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Hand Testing
Speno Rail Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd – Australian made for australian conditions

Australian made for
Australian conditions

Our Mainline Grinding Trains are designed, engineered and locally built to operate effectively and reliably within Australia’s harsh and changing conditions. Innovations in recent years include dust aspiration, automatic load control of the grinding units, water cooling of the grinding motors, modular machines, and state of the art noise suppression systems designed to ensure compliance in urban environments.

Award winning engineering

SRMA’s Switch Grinding machines, based on highly mobile Hi-Rail vehicles, are able to operate on standard, narrow and broad-gauge networks, and can reprofile complete switches by utilizing award winning engineering that allow the grinding heads to achieve negative 70-degree action in the gauge corner on the entire switch/worksite.

Speno Rail Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd – Award winning engineering



High speed technology

Ultrasonic Flaw Testing (UT) systems, capable of over 5 billion operations per second, and able to be fully customized make SRMA the leader in railway flaw detection. We build high-speed testing platforms, which allow defect signature classification and the capability of on-board sizing. In addition we offer a cloud-based UT replay server with the capacity to host all of our rail testing data, which not only provides our clients with access to data when and where they want, but allows allowing us to provide crucial skill enhancement for our employees.

Speno Rail Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd